Track Customer Loyalty over wifi.

WiLoop smart bytes enables automated customer database,analytics & loytalty management for your store over wifi.
Keep track of WiLoop users automatically when they visit your store using our revolutionary wifi location tracking & Customer Analytics technology,There’s a revolution happening within small business WiFi hotspots all over the world. Welcomed by all those WiFi users who are tired of long forms, forgotten passwords and a poor experience. Where businesses are liberating themselves with social WiFi from WiLoop Wifi.


People     WiLoop

  • Keeping track of customers over wifi is by far the best way!
    Thanks to WiLoop for the robust backend and loyalty management system.

    Ananth narayan
    Bierre Republic
  • Super simple Plug & Play loyalty solution,our CRM systems over wiloop are extremely flawless! 
    our guests love free wifi too!

    Bigpitcher Bangalore
  • We have over 300 happy users using our free wifi everyday,we can even track our regular guests and send them promotions.

    Impresario team
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Analytics for offline stores

Build customers & promote you business automatically!

Collect customer data

Automatically collect customer contact info whenever they join your custom-branded free WiFi sign in process & set limits to their usage.

Build your Business

Keep track of who your customers' are, how often they visit and what they are worth to your business.

Incredible Value

WiLoop Dashboard is power packed with incredible features, you will have a maximum ROI by retaining your loyal customers. Super Charge your off-peak hours by turning your cafe/bar into a workspace by providing reliable wifi access for workspace members.

Our Customers

Retailers, Auto & Malls

Connect with customers at your store in real-time with the power of WiLoop

Restaurants, Bars & Cafés

Join hundreds of bars and restaurants across the world already partnered with WiLoop

Hospitality, Gaming & Leisure

From bed and breakfasts to resorts, WiLoop makes it easy to get to know your guests.

Stadiums & Venues

Turn every guest into a loyal fanatic with the simplicity of WiLoop

Health & Leisure

Foster customer loyalty, attract new clients and enhance your brand with WiLoop

Coworking spaces

Co-working spaces could utilise WiLoop as wifi management system restrict the wifi to only subscribed members.

WiLoop stats

Our customer base is growing..

Since customers trust WiLoop wifi,our reach is very high! 
When users revisiting venues who offer awesome WiFi from WiLoop WiFi, are seamlessly re-connected to the internet during their visit. And small businesses can really engage with their customers in real-time to improve their customer’s wellbeing and brand loyalty.WiLoop Now enables a wifi based online shopping,feedback app




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