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Bundled Hardware & Software

Our platform provides clutter software & bundled hardware to meet your Guest Wifi needs. The hardware can be purchased from your end as well.

Simple Deployment

Our hardware is absolutely Plug & Play, The device can be installed in just few minutes to your existing internet connection & Router.

Guest Internet Access

Our Platform enables Govt compliant Guest Sign In process, with Speed,Data & Time controls while collecting their contact information.Our Universal signin process ensures guest registers only once across all zones!

Guest Management

As your guests join your WiFi, we automatically build a customer list complete with visit history, social media, demographics and contact info.

Customer Promotions

Send Text messages to customers using advanced filters like visits for a period of time & monitor the conversion for the campaign since they are automatically connected to wifi & tracked when they visit your outlet again.

Customer Relationship & Loyalty

We took advantage of the fact that wifi connects automatically once connected, thus we help you track your customer loyalty and the time spent at your outlet, We have an integration with Urbanpiper for robust loyalty integration.

Paperless feedback

WiLoop Sends a feedback message automatically once your customer leaves the outlet, You could even customise your form according to your needs.

Cloud Dashboard

Our dashboard is build on state of the art cloud infrastructure, monitor wifi & send marketing campaigns from anywhere.

Offer Management System

Utilise the screen real estate of your guest by displaying a dynamic 30 second offer, Yes! GIF's are supported.

Multiple Networks on Same hardware

Impliment multiple Network policies like staff,admin & guest, You could manage multiple outlets from the same dashboard

Completely Managed Networking

We have a centralised controller Our platinum plan allows your IT team to monitor, manage & control data usage from multiple outlets.

Seamless Wireless Access everywhere

WiLoop devices are meant for commercial use & are highly durable.